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1 liqueur poured over shaved ice
2 thick milkshake containing ice cream
3 a frozen dessert with fruit flavoring (especially one containing no milk) [syn: ice]

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  1. Liqueur poured over shaved ice.
  2. In the context of "New England": Thick milkshake containing ice cream.



  • /fʁap/, /fRap/


frappe (plural frappes)


  1. Third person singular form of frapper

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Frappe can refer to two drinks: It can also refer to:
  • Le temps frappé, a French term for musical downbeat
Frappe. Typically in the New England states and some other eastern states prior to the the mid-1960's, restaurants and other food service providers gave you a choice of a "milkshake" or a "frappe". The "milkshake" was just that, milk whipped with a flavoring syrup such as chocolate, strawberry, coffee, or vanilla. The "frappe" had the same base, but was thickened with scoops of ice cream — usually vanilla ice cream, but sometimes ice cream of the same flavor as the syrup used. It was frappeed (Pronounced, frapp-aid) in a tall metal mixing cup. When served, the frappe (Pronounced, frapp) was poured into a glass and the balance of the frappe was left in the mixing cup and placed alongside of the glass so that you could finish the whole drink.
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